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Innovation requires the ability to measure, visualise, analyse and interpret data to help us gain new insights into the composition, structure, properties and interactions of and between (biological) materials. Our goal is to provide high-end analytical facilities and link unique analytical competencies of DSM Resolve and Maastricht University/UMC+ that promote innovation in the field of materials and life sciences.

Glass fiber length and orientation analysis of reinforced polymers

These fiber properties can be assessed using an X-ray scan at high resolution (µm scale). The results are obtained using a Bruker Skyscan 1272 (micro-CT) of Enabling Technologies set at a resolution of 2 µm per pixel. An oversized and offset scan have been applied to capture the whole USB connector at the desired resolution.
At DSM, these results from the fiber property analysis are used to validate modelling techniques and supporting product and application development optimizing composition and processing conditions.

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