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About us

Innovation requires the ability to measure, visualise, analyse and interpret data to help us gain new insights into the composition, structure, properties and interactions of and between (biological) materials. Our goal is to provide high-end analytical facilities and link unique analytical competencies of DSM Resolve and Maastricht University/UMC+ that promote innovation in the field of materials and life sciences.

NEW - high resolution X-ray Powder Diffractometer

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is an ideal, non-destructive analytical method for examining all types of (semi-)crystalline samples.

The newest equipment features alignment- and tool-free switching, with add-on possibilities for: 
XRD at various temperatures (-190°C to 1600°C) / In-plane graze-incidence X-ray diffraction / X-ray reflectometry

It offers a greatly improved low detec­tion limit. One can obtain information of the sample on e.g.:
Phase identification/ Phase composition/ Crystal structure/ Microstructure

The affordable way to enrich your insights

  • Equipment rental per hour at cost-price
  • Max. 50% discount (subsidy by Province of Limburg)
  • Analytical expert support by DSM Resolve & Maastricht University
  • Custom made services
  • Visualization by imaging
  • Identification and quantification
  • Crossing boarders: material and life sciences